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222bhp according to Mini Connected

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driving home this afternoon and i was having a play with Mini Connected which i haven't used for a while. I selected the Driving Excitement app & brought up the sports instruments which display bhp & engine revs.

on a straight steady climb up a dual carriageway in full sport mode in my S Auto i floored the accelerator & let it go. The bhp meter climbed quickly straight to 189 & held there for a couple of seconds & then to my amazement climbed to 197 & then to 222bhp before i had to start winding down!

i'm pretty sure 189bhp is the published max power of the F56 S but is it possible that it has more than that or is the app getting over excited? i've no idea where the app takes the readings from.
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Mini quote 192 hp for the S but that is continuous. For short periods (under 10 seconds from memory), the turbo is allowed to 'overboost' which may be where your 222 hp came from - you would have to have been over 4700 rpm during that period to get that.

However 192 to 222 is a big jump for overboost - it 'only' increases peak torque from 207 to 221 ft-lb so power would go up by the same percentage. Any chance you were looking at a torque figure, as that seems to match?
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