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4 Days old, media unit faulty.

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4 days old and the media unit has packed up. With the unit shutting down and only displaying No Signal, with no response to any buttons/locking the car.. The unit switched it self on and off for some time during the night until it have up.
The gear stick and the start button were also lit up most of the night.

After a 55 miles journey to my dealer, An overnight part will be ordered today and should be fitted tomorrow. Very annoyed and wound up. I won't share the story about the loan car.. Lol

The loan car I eventually drove home..
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They better had! I'm currently righting an email to the sales rep, about my experience this morning, Haha. Going from a Auto Cooper S to a Manual OneD was a bit of a shock.


Vile isn't it!! The commotion i had to get a loan car in the first place... then i had to drive that!!! Hahaha
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