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6 speed manual Copper

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Just had a test drive of the the manual Copper and what a load of fun. If I buy a Copper it will be the manual.

The engine sound fantastic and brought a smile back I'll have to test drive a Copper S but if the sound of the engine is not as good as the Copper I'll stay with the Copper.
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I had a long test drive of the manual CopperS yesterday and enjoyed most of the test drive until going up hill around a corner and the CopperS just keep going straight instead of around the corner. It's been years since I have driven a front well drive at speed through a corner and I was disappointed but may be not enough to not buy a copper as our second car.

I've driven the same corners in my 2012 BMW 116i and it just drives around the corner same speed. The Mini doesn't have the capability compered to a rear wheel drive BMW.

It's fun comparing the Mini against BMW and it's so called go-kart corner which it doesn't have.

Before you guys make comment have a drive of the BMW 1 series which you can buy a 2014 low milage for around the same price as the Copper S auto. The problem in New Zealand is BMW do not import manuals only on special order so I'm comparing the Mini with my 8 speed auto.
G'day, Kia Ora

Only 4k speeding tolerance this Queens birthday Holiday weekend.

I've driven both the Copper and S manual and the Copper has the best sounding engine. Defiantly do not see paying $8k nz more for the S is worth it at all. The acceleration is a little better but the Copper engine sound is like being in my old BMW Z4 3L, just love it. I like the standard seats in the Copper as well as I cannot be bothered climbing out of the tight fitting sports seats. The standard radio is good I may add extra speakers but the trouble is you have to wait 3 months for special order.

I would like the convertible as I have done a lot of motorbike riding with the wife on the back but now she cannot ride so having a manual Copper soft-top would be the best of both worlds and I can ride my enduro bike once or twice a month over summer.

I'm driving my wife's 22 month old VW Polo as she doesn't like it due the dame terrible 7 speed auto. It's dangerous when trying to accelerate off from give ways as it just sits for a second then it decides to go, by then the gap in the traffic has almost gone. So she is driving my BMW 116i, well it was mine, but now hers. I'm pleased as I can get back into a manual.
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I tend to type double letters back to front I should check my typing more. Cooper it will be!

My test drive was in a Cooper S with 50ks on the clock so maybe the 18" tires where not scrubbed in.
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