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8.8” screen retrofit for ENTRYNAV

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Hi guys,

Today, my 8.8” screen from eBay arrived!


First, I ran into some trouble with only half of the screen showing. Apparently others have had this problem when using BimmerCode.

After using E-Sys to do the (exact same) coding, it works. It even plays nicely with my Andream CarPlay MMI.

Now that everything’s working, I’ve ordered the rest of the parts needed.

You need the bigger CID: 65509367674
And the plastic trim: 65509354400

The required coding options are:

  • DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTION = 8.8_1280x480
  • DISPLAY_VARIANTE = breites_display
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Is using e-sys difficult?? I want to upgrade my display to 8.8 but not sure whether to upgrade if I have to program it using e-sys. Does BimmerCode work for some vehicles or does it have to be done by e-sys
You definitely have to use e-sys, And it is an extremely complicated ginormous program, you have to buy an ethernet to OBD2 cord, and it is easy to mess things up…
Received my 8.8 inch screen this morning, got it installed and coded using bimmercode!! Took 10 minutes to install and code !! Even works well with my road top CarPlay box !!
My car has the latest software update and I have the latest version of bimmercode so maybe this is why bimmercode worked for me :) hope this helps anyone else thinking to swap their display View attachment 74985 View attachment 74986
That looks awesome congratulations, how much did it run you?
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