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Evening peeps!

I've joined up in anticipation of my first ever Mini, currently on order, a Cooper S :cool:

So a brief history, I'm only 24 now but have had quite a variety of cars (and bikes!)

So my first car was a 1993 Volkswagen Polo Coupe 1.3, a great first car - no electrics, no power steering, no ABS.. I fitted some classic Mini wheels to it and generally just looked after it, it was extremely clean for it's age:

After 8 months or so I fancied something slightly newer, so picked up a 1997 VW Polo 1.4 SE Openair, very nice car which I did quite a lot to, took it to lots of shows and generally really enjoyed owning and modifying it:

After just over a year I fancied something with a bit of power, so picked up something I'd lusted after for a long time, a freshly imported 1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V, 1.3 Turbo, 133bhp in an 880kg car! It was unbelievably clean as it had just come from Japan, sadly being a young driver still, the insurance was too much and I had to sell it after only 2 months..

I'd been working right out of school to fund the cars, but after selling the Glanza I went back to college and uni, so was without a car for few years.

After that I needed a cheap runaround so picked up another Mk4 Polo, which turned out to be an absolute heap, and I ended up selling it for scrap value haha!

Luckily around the same time I was having lessons for my full bike license, having rode off road and *cough* mopeds *cough* in the past. However during this, the EU decided to change our license laws so being under 24, I was limited to 47bhp for a year..

So I passed my test April 2013 and picked up this, another Jap import, but a 1990 Honda CBR400RR, often nicknamed the 'Baby Blade' after it's big brother the Fireblade *cough* still 55bhp so not slow *cough* :p

So at roughly the same time (around this time last year) I scrapped the Polo and finally got a company car as my job is car-dependant. Initially the gave me a brand new Kia Venga like this:

And now that I had a new, reliable car for my daily duties, and I was a bit older and better off, I felt nostalgic and decided to pick up another Glanza, amazingly, better than my old one!

Absolutely loved it, kept it until around June this year when I had to sell it. You see the red 106 in the pictures? Well that's my sisters, when she passed we had 4 cars on effectively a 2-car drive, so I had to get rid to make space for her. I was sad, but it made way for something better (find out soon ;) )

Anyway, this time last year I had the Kia, which was a cool little car! However it had a panoramic roof, and my job requires me to be able to attach magnetic beacons to the roof! So after a few weeks they had that back and gave me a Focus Zetec, which was a nice car, despite the previous owner being a heavy smoker, eugh..

Had that for a couple months then they took it back and gave me a brand new Mk7 Golf SE, which was a great car, really liked this:

They took that back after a couple months (are you seeing a pattern here?) and gave me a rather battered 2 year old Mk6 Golf, that was 'reliable'..

So I had the Mk6 for the longest stint, from early this year until July, I must've done 15k in it during those months, and it got some abuse (nature of the job lol).

More interestingly.. I'd sold the second Glanza to make way for my sister's car, my company car was dull, and I'd outgrown (literally and metaphorically) my current bike.

So I did my tests again (yep, 1 year and £300 later, thanks EU!) and on my 24th Birthday (May this year) picked up my 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R :D

It's my baby, I absolutely love it! 126bhp for crying out loud haha..

As you can see I still have my '400, that will now become my track bike, when I pull my finger out..

Almost done.. On May 31st our work contract ended and we transferred to a new company, so on July 1st they had to issue over 300 hire cars to staff all over the area! I landed in a 2014 Renault Captur. Erm....

It's alright.. it's a free car so I can't complain! I've discovered a few gripes with it since getting it, I wouldn't go out and buy one, but it's done the job as a short term hire car.

So, up to date, I got sent the new company car list and by gosh is it dull! Diesel Astra, Diesel Megane, Diesel A1, all base-spec.. Luckily we have the option of a car allowance instead, so I did some maths and searching around, and finally decided to get a new Mini, and of course it had to be a Cooper S!

It should / would look like this:

I say 'would' - you may have seen my other thread, basically I ordered the car 8 days ago, and since then Mini have added Chilli Red, JCW bodykit and JCW wheels to the options list... So I now need to try and change my order to add those. The date I was given for delivery was 30th September, let's see what happens to that...

Finally, as I've always wanted a personalised registration, but I'm also eager to get a new 64-plate car, so I had a search and managed to pick up a reg - CS64 CDS :) CDS are my initials, the other CS I guess are my initials again, or Cooper S, I'm happy with it :)

Well, if you managed to read all that, thanks! I'll certainly be sticking around and keeping you up to date with my order, and also checking out everyones F56 on here, they are such nice cars!

Cheers, Chris.

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Always nice to welcome a fellow biker into the fold. :D I am sure you will love the F56 they are very good, although I don't get to use ours that often asn Mrs W wont hand over the keys so I console myself with my Ninja 636. >:D

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I agree. Welcome. I bought a cooper. Triple engine reminded me of my gorgeous black Daytona 955I that had to go as I am getting old n creaky. Got a Ktm 990 now. It's a hoot too!

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Good to see some fellow bikers :)

I'm sure the car won't compare with the bike for sheer thrills, but for comfort and toys it'll put up a good fight.

Looking forward to heated seats too for those early morning commutes.. Winter Is Coming ;)
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