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A different hello from Ottawa!

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Apparently we're like buses -- wait for ages then two come along at once...

Just ordered my 2015 BRG Cooper a couple of weeks ago, so very early on in the long, painful wait for it to arrive. My dealer was able to amend one of their stock orders and get me a Week 35 build slot, so at least it won't be as long as it could have been.

I've read in a few places that the Canadian 2015 MINIs are also being caught up in the US EPA delays (something about Canada piggybacking its certification on the EPA one). Should be a largely moot point, as I couldn't realistically have expected delivery before the projected October resolution of that issue.

I am a bit more bothered about where the car is actually coming from. As an ex-pat Brit, having taken the plunge to buy an iconic "British" car, I would be more than a little disappointed to have my new MINI come from the Netherlands plant that just opened in July, instead of Oxford. (Yes, I know the MINI is about as British as bratwurst and lederhosen. The F56 even more so, with the chassis, engines and electronics already in or soon to be used in other BMWs, but being manufactured in the UK was at least some legitimate link to its heritage.). But if that's gone too... :-(

Anyway, that's probably far too long of an introduction, so I'll just say I can't wait for my new car to arrive and to be part of the forum here!
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Welcome Hrafn. Isn't there a way you can track your build to determine where you F56 is being built?
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