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Welcome fellow Canuck!

I'm in the Toronto area and drive a 2014 F56s (only 700 km on the clock). I would have loved to order a 2015 but I had to get a car pronto, so I went with what I could find in stock. You should love the F56. I've driven the classic (850, 1000 and S models), the first generation MINI (R53) and owned a Clubman S (R55) and I have to say that this is the finest MINI yet. Frankly where it's made should be secondary to the fact that it is a truly natural progression of Alec Issigonis' iconic vision for a car. No it isn't a classic Cooper, but it embodies much of what made that design work so well while including every modern convenience, safety improvement and technology you can thing of.

Enjoy the forum
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