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and finally over 1200 Miles on the Clock. Imho Mini got it right with the new F 56. The Engine is a joy to rev up you just tap it and you are at 80 MPH with that little 3 Banger. :eek: I always have to look down to make sure I am not speeding.:D:D The built Quality is a big improvement over the older Mini. Do not get me wrong the older Minis have been good Cars but when you step from a 2010 into a 2014/15 the whole Car feels different more defined. The Seating Position is just perfect for me love the feel of the JCW Steering Wheel. The Transmission is fun to shift but I might go with a Short Shifter down the Road. The matching Rpm is great. Overall I am very pleased so far with my Mini and Mini of Tempe.

2 Things that come to Mind however that I am still not a big Fan of are the too big Tail Lights. I think BMW could have made them just a a bit smaller but since the Mini got bigger so are the Tail Lights and the feeling that the Car drives you and not the other way around because of all the electric Stuff like the Steering etc etc. but I guess that is the Way of the Future driving will go. I know it is a personal preference have them Bum Nerves tell you what the Car is doing and I like it when I have to work the Car a little.;) Sure the 007 Button helps but it just not like an old BMW Alfa or Porsche.

So for $ 23500 my Budget Rocket was not a bad buy at all and delivers good Quality and a big Grin driving it.>:D>:D>:D>:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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