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I have had my F56 Cooper S for a month now and had a really incredible sales experience, easily the best I have had from any dealer/brand.

This past month my grumble has been with the after sales, which in my experience has always felt severely lacking from other dealers in the past. I have had quite a few niggles with creaks and rattles over the past month and the car has been in and out of the dealer for about 1 out of those 4 weeks. I fully understand that creaks and rattles can take time to locate and resolve, but it still puts a bit of a downer on the experience.

In addition to the car niggles I had a pretty negative impression of how the staff at my dealer treat customer's property. The first time the car was in I got it back with a big greasy mark on the paint of the drivers door where the mechanic had obviously closed the door with his big greasy paw. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't had the paint corrected and protected a day or two before taking it in. The second time I collected my car and the handbrake was on so tight the lever was almost vertical, which seriously annoyed me. The third time I got the car back I noticed my metal valve caps had been swapped out with black plastic ones, and today I noticed that they had covered my car in swirl marks by washing it when they had it for three days.

On one hand I am being told they want me to be 100% satisfied, and to call, e-mail or visit whenever there's a problem. When I do send e-mails explaining my dissatisfaction and to question certain things, I seem to only be receiving one sentence responses, of which don't really touch on the problem. I am trying my best not to get angry with the dealer but my patience is being seriously tested.

I feel a little better after venting on here lol thanks.
Unfortunately here in the States, Mini Dealers are few and far between.

As a result (at least my experience here in Detroit during the past 10 years with Motor City Mini) is both new sales and service is seriously lacking. Little competition (other dealers are 200 miles away) results in plenty of promises and talk with indifferences of those who are responsible to keeping the customer happy.

That's the way it is . . . Go in with low expectations and come out with low results!

Ultimately Mini owns the final result . . . Take it or leave it.
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