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Have just signed up with Have been in the MINI family since Dec 2007 when I took possession of my 1st ordered MINI a pepper white R56 S hatch.

After nearly 4 years of happy motoring, MOTD events, etc. I then moved on to a spicy orange with black roof 2012 JCW Coupe in Oct. 2011. Within 3 months I had the entire Coupe blacked out including waist line, front/rear winged logos,door handles, grill border, etc.

Now I'm very interested in the upcoming 4 door F55 S hatch to hit US dealers later this year. As much as I like my Coupe, I just needed to get the 2 seater out of my system having had several sport cars years back in the 1960's. (I'm 73). Had a pair of 1952 XK 120 Jags (both coupe & roadster), a 1965 Sprite, & a 1958 Porsche 356 Coupe. All of those were used except for the new Sprite.

I see the F55 as a more practical yet still small MINI with lots more new technology than my previous R56 & current R58. Although my 1st 2 MINiS had manual trans., with the improved efficiently of the auto trans, I'll move on to one with a paddle shifter.

Have not seen anything yet on the 'official' mileage figures for US bound F56 models nor exactly when it'll reach dealers other than 'sometime in Apr'. any info there???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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