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Oh......sorry, that's what we call "South Jersey" in New Jersey, USA. OK, so at Christmas time, I gave my wife a new hardcover book and she got a Mini for me! (Fair, right?)
Vehicle: Used, AS-IS, 2015 F56 base, silver with white roof, manual, 17" Tentacles, classic(?) Union Jack scuttle.

(For some reason the car sat at the dealer for 9 months (An 400 miles), maybe a demo car, but a "manual" in these days?) First owner for 2015-2019, then me.
The ended warranty was 3 weeks before Xmas, at a Mini dealer service was "new front 2 tires, new clutch disc, and "cleaned" the flywheel. (Dumb question, but don't a normal install
should have a new pressure plate and release bearing, too? Current at 42,000 miles.)

And yes, its a fun car to drive...... but so is my "REAL British" 1972 Triumph TR6 (but not in the winter!)

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