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AC Fault?

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Hey guys,

Okay.. It's been a little warm to say the least the past week or so here in the UK and this is probably the first time I've properly used my AC, I'm more of a window open kinda guy.

Now everything was fine until I noticed after letting go of the gas pedal the car judders slightly like it's going to stall... It's not harsh but you can definitely feel it, it's like an on off push on the accelerator. Then it's like the car tries to rectify whatever's wrong with it and you suddenly start picking up speed, albeit slowly.

Now this only happens when the AC is ON, I've never had this issue before... But it was fairly scary to say the least... My car felt like it was driving itself.

Was wondering if anybody had, had similar issues and if so what did you do.

This is now the fourth thing that I will have to get rectified on top of:

- Crackling speakers
- Randomly falling off door mirrors
- Jumping out of first gear

To be totally honest, I'm really debating with myself whether its worth the hassle as I very rarely use the AC.

What do you think?
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