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Activated Carplay Yayy!!!

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I got my 2017 Countryman without factory Carplay just activated for $120!
But you need to have at least one series with a touchscreen. It seems IUSB has the wifi antenna already built in. I am really mad at Mini for not giving us the option to activate it.

Just one simple file on a USB stick. Stick it in the car for about 1 min. Then reboot the system 3 times and voila!

Here is a whole thread already on it:

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@ndal2 hi. I have same issue - new user ( can you pm me please
I have mini f54 2019 with CarPlay activated from factory.
would it be possible to update with new UI 2021 and full screen CarPlay?
Thanks ahead
Sure, can be done.
Check our website for updates.
You can get CarPlay unlocked but you can't get navigation unlocked. Headunit is not capable of this.
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I read you helped many Mini owners to activate Carplay. Thank you for all your help. Would you help me to activate mine as well?

2019 Countryman S All4 F60 with 6.5" touch screen with no NAV
Vin: wmzyt5c57k3g91305

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you.
PM sent
op mentioned you anywhere?
Well you didn’t respond so I responded him. Keep calm :)
Hey all.. Not long picked up a jcw and wondered if it's possible to get apple car play and if anyones around to help it would be much appreciated. My unit doesn't have touchscreen but has a sat nav the details I found out are
NBTevo_E17054A the vin is WMWXM920302G56427 thank you
Yes, possible. PM sent.
Hi, @ndal2 and @sb2002
could you help to check my 2017 F55 is able to activated? VIN as below:

Thanks a lot
Can't be done. Business older nav. Only way is to change headunit or install Chinese MMI.
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HI @ndal2, adding to the requests for CarPlay. Is the upgrade possible for 2018 cooper XS52. VIN. WMWXS520002H26111
PM sent
Hi @ndal2, interested in CarPlay for a 2017 jcw convertible has Nav but not touchscreen.

vin: wmwwh9c53h3a78121
Can be flash to newer iDrive + CarPlay split screen.
Wireless solution. PM sent.
Can CarPlay be added to WMZYS7C53K3F46938?
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@ndal2 looking for CarPlay install help on 2019 clubman WMWLU5C5XK2G03714
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Sorry but, what does half screen mean?
That it won't full - see example

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Hello @ndal2 and @sb2002 !

I just bought a 2018 Mini Clubman S Hot Chili. I've been reading in the forum that you guys are the experts that could help me activating CarPlay in my car.

I will really apreciate for your help. Thank you so much for your time!!
PM sent
I have a mini F54 2016 with nbt evo id4 can you help me to put the id5/6 with carplay?

Yes, PM sent
@sb2002 I have a 2021 Hatch that I am looking to enable Nav/Carplay. Would this be possible?
Yes, PM sent
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I have a 2019 Mini Cooper 2dr hatch. Can anyone help me with CarPlay activation? It does not have a touch screen right now
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Hi, i just picked up my 2020 cooper sport yesterday, it hasn't got nav or CarPlay and was wondering if it could have car play? VIN is WMWXR320202M56537


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This is also another good option to activate Carplay on your Mini: Apple Carplay activation via USB for BMW with EVO system

And its on sale right now.
Yeah, great sale for 199$...
We sell it for 54.99$ :)
Hello, I just bought a 2020 mini countryman Oxford edition and I’m looking to see if CarPlay can be added. Any help would be appreciated!
PM sent
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