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I finally got around to installing the MINI Advanced Car Eye 2.0 that I bought months ago.

As these are not intended for installation by the user, there are no instructions included.

A search of the internet soon found the BMW/MINI installation pdf. This covers a multitude of BMW/MINI models so you will need to find the pages pertaining to your car.

None of the lead terminals are included in the kit, these will have to be ordered from BMW/MINI. The connectors for my F56 were 16p each, two are required.

Also it's worth noting that the instructions are for LHD vehicles, so you will have to reverse the diagrams for RHD.

The first job I did was to disconnect the battery negative, and secure it out of the way with a cable tie.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood Car Automotive design

Then I removed all the trim. I used BMW ISTA to find the removal procedures.
All the trim came away reasonably easily with plastic trim removal tools, I managed not to break any fastenings.

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Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Window Hood

The wiring to the rear camera goes up the C pillar under the roof lining then trough the rubber conduit to the hatch.

Hood Light Wood Fender Musical instrument

I had to drill a hole in the hatch under the panel that has the hi-level brake light to route the cable through and out to the rear camera. This is not in the instructions.

Netbook Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Grille

Once the Hi-level brake light panel is back in place the cable can be routed to the rear camera. It would be possible to cut a notch in this panel for the cable if you were so inclined. For the moment i’m OK with just routing it around the edge.

Automotive side-view mirror Car Cloud Automotive tire Hood

The front camera cable routes under the headlining. There is enough space to push the cable up into without having to pull the headlining away.

Product Black Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle

The glovebox has to be removed to gain access to the Power Distribution board (Z7) which is on the reverse of the main Fuse board. There is a release tab on the lower LHS of the fuse board.

The ends then have to be terminated with the connectors from BMW/MINI, I soldered them on as my crimping tool would not go small enough.

When inserting the connectors you will need to release the connector lock on the Power distribution board. This is the blue sliding bar, I used a pick tool to move it. It is not obvious and it's not in the instructions.

Finally attach the Ground terminal to the LHS lower of the metal bracket that holds the glovebox in. You will need to find a suitable 6mm bolt as none is provided.

When re-installing the glove box don’t forget to reattach the AC pipe to the rear, its a bit of a fiddly reach-around if you have big hands.

Finally insert two 5A mini blade fuses into the fuse board, replace all the trim and reconnect the battery.

Set up the camera in the ACE 2.0 App on your phone.

The instructions say the install should take 2hrs for both cameras, it took me a full day.

I’m now able to accelerate onto mini roundabouts without indicating, have a near miss with another driver, hold down the horn for the next 400m whilst ranting that the other driver has a preference for conjugal rights with mothers, and post it on Youtube. Result!

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Looks great well done. I have a different camera but passed the wire through the rubber conduit to the hatch with the other wires.
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