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Hi everyone.

I noticed not a lot of discussions about aftermarket shift knobs and wanted to give my experiences for potential buyers out there who are interested in the BFI shift knobs.

I own an E36 Z3 and have swapped my worn out knob to a ZHP shift knob. I wanted to get similar experience with a weighted shift knob in my Mini and there were only a few brands out there.

To sum it up, I'm disappointed in the shift knob and highly DON'T recommend this brand. I wanted a weighted shift knob since the stock one was way too light and I wasn't getting the proper feedback when switching gears. My issue with this shift knob is with the design. Inside the shift knob, there is a barrel that prevents the shift knob from encapsulating the top of the shaft. Since it sits on top of the rod, the weight is not distributed through out the shaft to give that feedback that I wanted. It also added more height compare to the stock shift knob, so my boot cover was being stretched and had very little slack when I go into the 6th gear.

I reached out to their support, but they never follow up after claiming, "That is normal for the Mini/BMW knobs to not allow the shift rod to go all the way to the top of the knob." Well, I also own a BMW and that claim is not accurate.

Since this was a gift, I decided it's not worth the fight, but to accept it and will install my stock one instead.


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