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Aftermarket parking sensors

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Hi folks,

Another question for you from someone collecting their mini very soon (counting down the days).

I'm purchasing a demonstrator which doesn't have the rear parking sensors - something I would like to have. So, at the time of signing up for the car I asked the dealer how much it would cost to have the sensors fitted and he said it was expensive - can't remember how expensive, but it seemed very steep. Reason being that the whole rear bumper would need to be replaced and sprayed.

So, bearing in mind this car has the visual boost set-up, would mini-fitted parking sensors link in with the main screen or would/is it just an audible beep?

Secondly, assuming that it's just going to be too expensive, has anyone fitted aftermarket parking sensors? If so, what kind - is there any way of linking aftermarket ones to the front screen or would I be looking at an audible type possibly with a little visual light scale that you see in your rear view mirror?

I'm reasonably handy and have fitted parking sensors (the hidden ones with the metal strip that runs on the inside of the bumper) to my current ford focus.
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Like everything MINI, it would likely require reprogramming to recognize the parking sensors. Mini may or may not do it, and you might have to go to a 3rd party to do it. By way of an analogy, if you look at the rear fog lights that are on your car, you'll notice that it has a bulb and wiring installed, but no switch on the dash for rear fog lights (assuming you didn't get that option). Even if you buy the switch, it still won't work without reprogramming.

Assuming you can get the car programmed, you've gotta be looking at £800 plus to get the bumper cover with sensors etc. Just a wild guess of course.

The car is small and hasn't been very useful for me. I have the parking assist features on my car and frankly find it a bit annoying because it takes 20 seconds to turn off after you begin going forward again. This prevents me from seeing the radio or phone features quickly unless I use the idrive.

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