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Bought a set of Monza r 16" to replace my heli spokes
First set were sent wrong stud pattern
Fitted the replacements yesterday and it throws up tyre pressure warning

Looks like I need to by sensors ?
Before I drop another £200 is there anyone who has Monza r with sensors fitted
Are these the correct sensors S180052056Z can get £35 each on eBay then I guess I'll have to get the tyres removed and fit these another cost :(

Anybody got a better solution

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Yes if you bought teh rims with the tpms valves in then you need to do a reset to get them to initialise and work-press reset then drive off till the % show it has finished-have to do it each time i swap winters to summer and vice versa. I looked really hard for aftermarket tpms valves over a year ago now and gave up but things move on and you may be able to-felt happier getting mini originals which cost me aabout £70 each but they work!

NB the alternative of course is to just ignore the error warning-i think in another thread it only bongs till you accept or acknowledge it then you get a triangular caution sign; if the mot isnt due then you are fine!
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