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I got a set of after market tire valves which were chrome colour with white mini logo on a black background to match my midnight black..
Went to garage to put air In My tires and the valve sheered off so went to check the back tire and touched the valve and this just sheeted off. This seemed an accident waiting to happen..
Have had all 4 valves replaced and I am £120.00 lighter John Clark mini Dundee were great and I had my car all sorted the same day. Collected at 16:00 hrs so service was great.
Just a warning if you put aftermarket dust caps on, the mini doesn't like them as they corrode and you end up having an accident waiting to happen. I'm also lucky l don't have run flats as I believe it would have cost more.
The repair kit cost £15.00 plus vat each corner and then fitting. Of £ 48.00
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