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Air conditioning

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Evening All

Today was the first time since only my Mini that the internal temperature was warm enough to warrant a bit of cooling.

I selected the aircon button however the temperature of the air never got cold. I tried Auto which as I understand is meant to automatically regulate the internal temperature based on external conditions however this didn't improve things.

Am I missing something?
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I just set it to Auto, set the temperature I want and set the strength to middle setting and it works perfectly. If you feel the climate control is not as effective as you expected, have you tried increasing the climate control strength setting? The strength determines has quickly the climate control will try and achieve the desired temperature. Max AC, is just all out.

The number of people I see who don't understand the concept of climate control is unbelievable. When you get in a cold car, with a cold engine, there is no need to turn up your desired temperature or change the fan speed, all it does is blow cold air at you, and the climate control knows this, thats why it waits until it has warmth from the engine before it tries to blow that air. Then a mile down the road they are complaining the temperature is to hot, well yer thats what you asked the climate control to do, get the car as hot as possible.

Climate control is 99% set and forget (in the UK), with the odd temp tweak here and there making up the 1%. The heated seats on the other had, they can melt bone.
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