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Bear with me, this could be a long one. Here is a comprehensive list of all the optional OEM MINI Accessories for the exterior of your sparkling new F56. I have omitted pricing considering we are an international community and pricing will differ by market, your dealer/salesman should be able to provide you with a market specific price list.


Driving Lamps

Mirror Caps: Big Bang

Mirror Caps: Black Jack

Mirror Caps: Checkered Black & Grey

Mirror Caps: Checkered Black & White

Mirror Caps: Gold Jack

Mirror Caps: JCW Pro

Mirror Caps: Speedwell Blue

Mirror Caps: Union Jack

Mirror Caps: Vivid Green

Roof Graphic: Black Jack

Roof Graphic: Checkered

Roof Graphic: Gold Jack

Roof Graphic: Grey Checkered

Roof Graphic: JCW Pro

Roof Graphic: Speedwell Blue

Roof Graphic: Union Jack

Roof Graphic: Vivid Green

Roof Rack: Base Support

Side Scuttles: Black Jack

Side Scuttles: Checkered

Side Scuttles: Checkered Grey

Side Scuttles: Speedwell Blue

Side Scuttles: Union Jack

Side Scuttles: Vivid Green
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