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The lack of a phone adapter for anything but an iPhone is irritating; I detest corporate lock-in.

However, the latest android phones have a great feature - NFC. Combined with some inexpensive stickers and an app, my phone is now less hassle to connect than an iPhone.

Here's how it works: NFC tags are a sticker with a little bit of passive electronics in them. You can program them with small bits of information, then place them almost anywhere. Touch your phone to them, and the information is received. As you can guess, this can be quite handy for lots of situations. I have one programmed with my wifi password, and when people come over, I dont have to tell them the password, they just touch their phone to the sticker on the router and they are connected to my network. Easy!

Trigger is an android app that you can program to do all kinds of things when triggered by an NFC tag, like turning on bluetooth and connecting it to a device, or opening an app like Escort Live.
I programmed a tag to do exactly that, then stuck it in the armrest:

I would have put it in the middle, but the phone doesnt sit flat; its too long so it never touched the tag. Now I just sort of slide it over the tag as it falls into place, and it works great - bluetooth turns on and connects to the car.
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