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Hi all!

It seems that pretty soon I have may have a chance of ordering my new F56 Cooper S here in the USA (Connecticut). It will be MINI #5 for our family. Currently I drive a Countryman S ALL4 named Kowalski (some of you may have heard of him)... We are very active on all of the Facebook MINI groups. (If you have a Countryman make sure you join our Countryman family on FB )

Here's a quick flyby at some speed in the Countryman on MINI Takes The States this year (I went all the way... What an awesome adventure) :nerd:

The build for the F56 is pretty intense and I'm pretty sure has every single option available in the US (except the automatic transmission :laugh:). Was really hoping to get the Drivers Assistance Package but that's not currently available here yet. I'm currently debating between Moonwalk and Thunder Grey both with a white roof but I think Moonwalk has my money.

If you know me, you know I am a huge modder! As soon as this car comes in I'll be pushing a lot of the US tuning companies to get going on products for us. These motors have huge potential... With a custom ECU remap, intercooler, plugs, intake, exhaust, oil cooler, possibly a different turbo setup we should see an easy reliable 300hp on these if people take care of them (watch the temps and lots of oil changes). The N18 in my Countryman has just about 300hp to the crank and these should only make more than that.

Looking forward to sharing our MINI adventures with all of you here on this fantastic forum!

Happy motoring,

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