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Yes, there are. Check the below links out for some options. I have a 2016 Clubman S and am looking at the Dinan Stage 1 tune, which is one of the most hp/torque you will find for a tune using all OEM parts and not having to upgrade anything else. There are also piggyback options if you want an easier plug and play option.

Dinan Stage 1
Note - If you go this route I recommend emailing Dinan to see if they have a tune for your ECU/DME box. To find this you either have to take out the ECU and look at that yourself, have a dealer look it up by giving them your VIN, or going to an authorized Dinan dealer.

Piggyback / plug and play options:
ECS Tuning (variety of brands/types here)

Hope this helps.

Thank you sir!
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