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Anyone buy the Punch Black Leather Sport Seats?

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I am trying to compare the Cross Leather: Punch Black Sport Seats with the Dinamica Sport Seats (with red trim) for my JCW.

I like the "all black" feature for the Punch Black Sport Seats, but I cannot find any good pics of these seats.

Anyone have experience with them?


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I have them. I think they look great but find them a little narrow and I'm not big. My right thigh constantly pressed against the bolster which is a little uncomfortable on longer journeys. Not sure if the JCW will be the same size.
Like I said, just my opinion. My old car had full leather recaro's and were infinitely more comfortable. I also find the pedals a little too offset yo the right - maybe I just need to adjust my position a little. They do look good though !
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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