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Anyone buy the Punch Black Leather Sport Seats?

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I am trying to compare the Cross Leather: Punch Black Sport Seats with the Dinamica Sport Seats (with red trim) for my JCW.

I like the "all black" feature for the Punch Black Sport Seats, but I cannot find any good pics of these seats.

Anyone have experience with them?


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I ordered them but.....don't have the car yet. Should have it next week. Test drove a car with them though. They are nice!
Yes there is suede on the side bolsters where there is red on the JCW for comparison. The "punch" is mostly on the thigh extender and I belive on the top half of the seat below the headrest. It's just small perforations that create a diamond pattern. The seat bottom and back are leather. Yes they are all black seats. The JCW with the red look like almost all suede. I don't know how big the JCW bolsters are but I'm sure they are sufficent. The mcs sport seats felt plenty snug to me. I'm sure the JCW will be snugger.
This is a decent picture of the seats


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I don't know of any other car maker that provides the size information of the seat between the side bolster. Seems like a silly piece of information to list.
I have the Punch black seats - Every surface I can see on mine is leather, with the exception of the trim on the sides of the seats, which is Dinamica; a suede/alcantara-like material. I'm not 100% certain on the back of the seats, but from memory I think it's also leather.
I believe that only the seat bottom and back rest are real leather while the back side of the seat is leatherette.
That's interesting. Then, what do the rear seats look like?
I believe that the rear seats are the same setup as the front seats. Where they are partial leather and partial suede.
Can you see the detail of where the leather and suede are in the picture.


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1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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