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Booked my car in yesterday to get the rear brakes changed (only done 24,000 but that's another issue).

Whilst i was on the line the service lady told me that my car had been flagged up for a mini enhancement and would i like this carried out at the same time.

When i inquired about what i was getting she said they were replacing the oil filter and some sensors !!!!

Curious, i asked if this was a recall to which she replied 'sort of, but we like to call them an enhancement'. She explained that the replacements were just a precaution but they would need the car for the whole day.

Either way its a recall, anyone else been offered this ?

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Clever wording for a service bulletin! lol

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I think there is another thread knocking around for this. Something to do with the oil filter casing cracking.

I enquired about my car as it is currently in the workshop, I was told that mine was OK and didn't need the enhancement (MCS auto registered Sept 2014, don't have the build date to hand unfortunately). The lady said that it is the early models that need the enhancement, but she wasn't sure of anything else or which particular models it affected.

Apparently the difference between an 'enhancement' and a recall is that the recall relates to a potential safety issue and an enhancement is a precaution which isn't safety related. Seems some dealers are calling people to tell them about the issue and others aren't, which is a bit random.

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my cigarette lighter stopped working, so booked it into a dealer only
to be told that my cooper s had a recall on it for the oil filter casing. I had
no letter from mini itself about the problem so if I hadn't got in touch
with the dealer I would have been none the wiser.
the problem is with oil casing with a certain batch number that could
crack under oil pressure and drop all the engine oil on the floor which
will seize your engine within a minute. this happened to a work
colleague six weeks ago. She was driving home when the oil light came
on and the car came to a abrupt stop. mini had the car for two weeks
fitting a new engine. I just thought it was a unlucky accident.She says
the cars not the same and the funs gone out of the car.
Halliwell jones in Southport have been excellent and even given me
a courtesy car to run about in for a top marks for them.
all I can say is get in touch with a dealer to check if your car is on
the recall list, as mini uk is very slow in mailing us of that
major problem.

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Let me just slide in here a second with the poop on the use of the word "recall". As was discussed on the other thread about the oil filter housing and recalls... there are some fine points with words and what they mean.

In the US (specifically, though it works in similar ways in other countries) if the manufacturer is found to be responsible for a serious defect that may compromise the safety of the vehicle, a recall is issued by NHTSA.

In other instances, an auto manufacturer may find a defect that occurred during the design or manufacturing process of a vehicle and issue a recall voluntarily (the NHTSA still receives notification, though). Whatever the circumstances, a recall requires the manufacturer to send an official notice to owners of the vehicles found to be defective. Dealer service departments will then make the necessary repairs free of charge.

Anything else falls under the umbrella of technical service bulletins (or TSBs) issued by the manufacturer for less serious problems that may affect the normal operation of the vehicle. Some bulletins don't address any actual problems and merely provide updated information on parts and maintenance protocol. Bottom line is that if there's a no kidding recall on your vehicle, you'll be notified. If there's a minor tweak to something, it's up to the manufacturer to figure out how they want to handle it. Some will notify you, some may just wait for you to bring it in.

As R99 pointed out in the same thread: "In the UK the oil filter housing issue is a 'product enhancement' bulletin according to my dealer - meaning it is not a full UK Recall, and as such customers are NOT notified of this issue unless

a) you go in and ask them to check
b) your car goes in for other work, at which point they would have to do this and/or inform you it was due"

Bottom line, some people throw the word "recall" around a little loosely, but if it was a serious, no kidding RECALL recall, they are bound by law in most countries to notify you if the government doesn't notify you itself. The oil filter housing thing doesn't fall into that category, so Mini is doing what Mini does.
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