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Meaning Albuquerque down to El Paso / Los Cruces?
Alamogordo myself as I call it "my last resting place!".
There is not much in Alamogordo, yet, what attracted me to buy a house here while passing by a couple years ago are the Mountains with its roads starting a couple miles from here up to 9400'! Interminable paved loops with no law enforcement presence, and interminable forest roads for my Jeep actually covering 5 counties. The best of all worlds.
So lately which kind of astonish me, I am seeing 3 to 6 Minis a day. None, zero, zilch, before... A pretty much mixed variety of four and two doors but never a JCW like mine. No waving, and so "Oh! well...", it is just a car for them unlike me which is an addiction since my first one in 1966 when I lived in Europe. [Austin Cooper SS, 1500cc, dual fuel tank... trashed that car!]. I actually have drivers look at me as if something was very wrong.
It would be nice to meet others. Exchange thoughts, maybe learn some aspects from each other besides what I still learn from this forum as of course the car has changed so much over the years...
That is about it...
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