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Anyone want to trade wheels?

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First post in the Southeast! Woot!

My MCS came with the 17" silver Tentacle wheels and the dealer wouldn't trade with me because the wheels are listed on the sticker and that would cause a hassle for them. I really want the 17" silver Cosmos wheels. Is there anyone in the Atlanta area willing to trade with me? Strait up wheel and tire trade as long as your tires have around 2000 miles (or less) on them, and are standard runflats that came with your wheels. Mine have ~500 miles currently. The dealer says you'll have to stop by and have your TPMS sensors reprogrammed to your car, but it's a quick job.

So, anyone interested?


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You won't have to go to the dealer to do that inflate . Change the wheels, get in close door switch ignition on car status, tyre pressure monitoring select reset (Wording may be wrong I think it is recalibrate) wait a bit start engine wait a bit drive off. You then get a % indicator keep driving till Done. Easy.
I hope it's that easy. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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