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It's never too early to start thinking about the future. BMW has taken this wisdom to heart as reports have come out that it is already working on the 2020 MINI Cooper. Rumor has it that there may be a radical change hidden in the future plans for the brand.

BMW has its i brand, and it is quite possible that we could see an all-electric model by 2020 or even sooner. The brand could also see some downsizing to deal better with city streets. Lightweight materials from the i brand, like CFRP, magnesium and aluminum could also be implemented as the current generation doesn't use them at all.

The design itself could also chance in an attempt to make the brand even more popular. The current model isn't the best looking on the street, and BMW is looking to address this through a new design studio in Britain.

Still, this is all in the future. We will have to wait it out for about six years before we see anything for sure.

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the latest mini has been sized and shaped to be modular with a multitude of powertrain options.

as you have probably read, the 2014 mini shares the same engine as the bmw 1 series to make the project viable... this includes future-proof fuel cell technology, plus battery & hybrid variants.

The on board software is also much more flexible over its predecessor, catering for all those various powertrain options...

2020 seems a reasonable time from concept to fruition...

When you think about how the automotive industry works, you have to be on your toes from the off, or you will be left behind.

consider whats required... and this is a very basic outline

1) initial concept / project scope
2) concept selection
3) design each part of the vehicle from the ground up and or carry over parts where possible
4) design proving (digital verification)
5) make modifications where required
6) virtual reality design freeze
7) powertrain product line up (new & carry over)
8) manufacture concept product in the real world
9) testing and more design verification
10) modify where required
11) crash testing
12) modify design where required based on crash test info
11) ..... blah blah blah....

All the while a factory needs to be space planned after specific site selection.

Re-tool or brand new facility?

How to manage the integration of new car tooling with exiting car build / existing tooling and facilities....

volume predictions, machine layouts, facilities updated...

Its a huge project.. and in 5 years... thats one huge work load.
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