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Apple CarPlay

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Anyone have news if Mini implement this technology in their cars?
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The great thing about CarPlay and Android Auto is that we will no longer have to wait on auto manufacturers to update their infotainment systems to work how we expect them to with our phones. It's all coming from the phones themselves, which we all know update MUCH faster than car manufacturers can push them out. This means a more consistent experience between the car and your device and functionality can easily be added or improved with a simple app or OS update on the phone.

The latest versions of CarPlay/Android Auto also support car specific application support. This means companies like MINI or BMW can also create an app so that CarPlay/Android Auto can interface with the specific car's functions. Climate controls, lap timers, fuel economy monitors, many possibilities!

BMW has definitely expressed interest in both platforms and from what I've heard is that we'll see it in the next year or two.
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I agree with BMW AG that touch screens on a car are less safer.
I hope so too. I just spent 12 hours last week driving a rental Cadillac from SLC to Seattle and it had a big touch screen system. It requires a bit more attention to use so you can make sure you're hitting the right thing and it didn't always register the touch input. Not to mention the screen was FILTHY from everyone touching it all the time.

Touch screens? No thanks :)
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