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auto air upon start-up

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Just got my new Mini S TwoDoor with JCW package interior and exterior, Love the car, but I am annoyed at the automatic air upon startup.
I have tried hard to figure out how to stop this from happening, but every time I turn on the car, the air comes on automatically. I turn it off every time. I even tried changing the settings for my profile but there is no way to do this. Drives me crazy! I know the car is supposed to remember your setting from last time, but it doesn't seem to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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You have to code your car using E-SYS if you want to disable that feature.

I hated it initially so I disabled it. Then I found that without fans running, the windshield starts fogging up rather quickly in a 45F temperature that I have to turn it on all the time. I coded it back to stock now, so automatic climate control turns on all the time at level 1 setting.

To disable the fans when you start your car, you need to code:
IHKA3 -> 3003 -> MEMORY_OFF -> change it to AKTIV

The other thing related is that with Automatic Climate Control, the AC may turn on by itself depending on the outside temperature. I want total control over the AC, and there is a setting for that too. Of course, I disabled that function too.

To disable automatic AC with AutoClimatecontrol
IHKA3 -> 3003 -> AC_ON_WITH_AUTO -> change it to NICHT_AKTIV

By the way, there's a 15 minute memory which remembers your last setting. After the 15 minutes, the car goes into deep sleep, and it'll go back to default behavior according to the way the coding is done.

To code your car, you need a dongle called odb to enet adapter, and E-SYS software and data files that runs in Windows.
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