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This week am on holiday on the North Yorkshire Moors.
This is the first time at night that it has been dark enough for the auto main beam /dipping system which is connected to the Driver assistance package to function.
So far I have found that the system is very slow to move from dipped to main beam headlights even in virtual darkness.
What is more of a concern though is that when bowling along quite merrily on main beam and entering a sharp right hand bend with a stone wall on the nearside the system decided that I didn't need any light in the apex of the bend and put the lights onto dipped. As I left the bend into total darkness the system kept the lights dipped for a considerable distance before giving me main beam.
It also decided to dip unexpectedly when it encountered roadside bend chevrons .
Basically it is reacting to extraneous reflected light sources like the ACC is in daylight with a low oncoming sun. I am going to ring my dealer as it appears the two issues are connected and clearly the system needs tweaking.

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THE AUTO STOP START WORKS PERFECTLY !!!!! Please spend some time to get to understand it-it is totally safe and very logical-haven't got the auto dip lights but auto on off seems to work very very well.
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