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My partner just bought a 2008 Mini One and she very happy with it. however, the engine light came on as I drove it home (private sale so no come back). I'm fortunate enough to work in a dealership myself so I have one of the mechanics going to read to fault with an OBD Reader.

The issue with the Start/stop is that is works as it should (car stops when clutch is taken off) however when i put the clutch back on to start the car again it struggles to restart. it is turning over for about 5/6 seconds but it will start quicker if I press the accelerator pedal. The lads in the workshop have said possible coil needed ?

After the struggle to restart it idles between 700/800 RPM (it bounces between the two and then after about a minute and a half I would say, it goes to 1000 RPM as it should

I wanted to know has anyone experienced this as any information would be greatly appreciated
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