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Back seat not confortable!

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Back seat: I have tried them for few seconds this morning...hard and without something soft!
There is something...missing like to seat on a fence!
Not confortable at all.
My Clubman has not leather but sport seats with fraction 60-40
I will have to catch a large pillow for the people that are going to seat there.

Have you opinion about?
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Maybe if BMW gets too many complains from Clubby Owners they will do something about like a comfort cushion with the JCW Logo and Rally Stripes on it that you can pick up for say $ 189.99 at the parts counter at your dealer.:D

BTW I never used the back seat in a Mini.:)
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I never tried the back seat (not even when I drove the car during the test drive) Nobody wants to drive my Mini because it is a stick.:D:D
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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