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Back seat not confortable!

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Back seat: I have tried them for few seconds this morning...hard and without something soft!
There is something...missing like to seat on a fence!
Not confortable at all.
My Clubman has not leather but sport seats with fraction 60-40
I will have to catch a large pillow for the people that are going to seat there.

Have you opinion about?
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With the exception of possibly the countryman I have found the back seats of minis to be relatively uncomfortable and cramped. After all they still are a tiny automobile. There is very limited leg room.
Noooo, I have a Clubman...the space is not a the seat: under you ass seems to be a bar from one side of the car to the other...just under the bones! :( Just to speak clearly ( try to speak clearly!)
Ahahahaha :D
Hey young men!
I was not speaking about a short F56...but about a Clubman F54....a sort of limo!
Space is more than the seat under the ass that is Stone style!

Pillow...otherwise I have to rebuild the full coach...with some kind of foam!
...I have to travel this summer...all the France (...brrr) till Bilbao. And I don't want to suggest to my son that the seat is bad.
But I take with us a big pillow.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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