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Battery in green mode

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When I am driving in a green mode and I release the throttle ... Appear this two battery indications.
Although this looks like a recharge signal makes no sense to me because in all engines as soon I am running that engine the alternator keeps charging the battery.
So .... Someone know what this really means ?


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Recharge should only occur when the car is:
1. In a gear which is going to have above a certain rpm threshold
2. Decelerating

As far as I am aware it does not charge the battery while you are accelerating which I think is a common misconception. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
I did ask this question a while back and the consensus was it doesn't put extra charge into the battery but rather by using the coasting of the car to drive the alternator which then puts power into the battery and not using fuel to drive the motor which drives the alternator.
In Green mode, pending on how cold the engine is, when you take your foot off the accelerator and 'coast' down a hill, you will either see a 'coasting' symbol on the screen or a 'battery' symbol.
The coasting symbol will show when the car reaches a certain operating temp. The car will disengage the drive (like being in Neutral) to minimize drag and you can basically maintain speed while going down a hill.
The battery symbol shows when the car is not up to temp, the car wont disengage the drive but as described above used the alternator to charge the battery with no engine input. The symbol also shows if your coasting and you touch the brakes or are under a certain speed, the gear will re-engage so no more coasting but the battery symbol will appear.

Hope that makes sense.
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Not sure what your pic symbolises but to add to the picture our clever cars use electric on demand alternator and oil and water pumps. if you're in green mode when you coast and or brake the alternator charges (regenerative braking) so that when you're accelerating the alternator can disconnect if battery status is ok it saves the alternator charging and therefore drag and therefore petrol. Clever stuff!
Just to add in case you weren't aware, the 2 arrows pointing towards the cabin is a symbol saying your aircon is on. Pending on the power draw, the car might not go into 'coast' mode.
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