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I used to have a lot of battery problems on my old 2nd gen MINI, so I wanted to put one of these smart chargers on the new one to keep this from re-occurring. I was thinking of getting a CTEK, since they seem to be oem'ing for BMW, and hooking it up through the cig plug - Amazon B0016LA5O8 (the car is kept outside, so this would be more convenient). My concerns are:

1. Will it work through the cig plug? I've tried to use one of the cig-to-cig boosters once on my old MINI and it kept shutting off accessory power - I would rather find this out beforehand w/o ordering and having to return the CTEK.

2. I am assuming that, since charging through the cig plug works for BMW, it should at least do no harm to the MINI's electronics, but is this really true? I can't seem to find confirmation anywhere.

Any helps and further suggestion re best buttery charger / maintainer for MINI would be much appreciated!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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