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BH's Wife's White Silver / Black F55 MINI Cooper S 5 Door

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Our MINI story so far ...

Our first MINI was a new MINI Cooper bought in 2008. Chilli red / white roof

As you can see went a bit crazy on the chequered theme lol

Did a couple mods on this MINI including, a set of new crown 17" alloys, JCW scuttles, MINI genuine parts chequred dash and a chilli red boot handle to replace the chrome one

We sold this after about a year

Then in 2010 we bought a three year old MINI Cooper S with the dealer fit stage 1 JCW engine kit fitted

Did few mods on this one too - genuine black JCW R112 alloys, wrapped the beltline, front and rear light surrounds, petrol filler cap, black mirror caps fitted, scuttles replaced & a ITG cone filter

Looked like this when we sold it -

Foreword to September 2013 when we got a new R56 Midnight Black & Chilli Red FJCW Hatch

Due to practicality issues and more Grandkids lol this was sold in March 2015 after 18 months of ovwnership

With the need for more space in the future the Ka has to go
The replacement?

F55 MINI Cooper S 5 Door
White silver metallic
Roof & mirror caps in black

Cloth double stripe upholstery
Colour line - Carbon black
Interior trims - Gloss black check

16" Victory spoke alloy wheels in black

So I reckon I must have the most basic spec F55 MCS 5 door around lol
Still, in standard form there is ample enough spec for me / us, so we're happy enough

Having never tried and always wanted to try a lease deal, I couldn't resist this one over 2 years
With it being a lease car the modding will be little to non-existent. Honest!

We were initially quoted end of September early October delivery, but having just recieved an email from the Lease broker -
'Just a quick update to advise you that your vehicle is scheduled to be with the dealer the week commencing the 5th of September'

So it looks like we are going to get it much sooner than expected !
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Welcome to forum nothing wrong with just the basics. Great Color combo by the way. Love the looks of your blue R56.
Thanks buddy ! :)
Welcome back to MINI and glad to hear it's the Ka it's replaced and not your S4.

After 3 years S3 ownership I've returned to an f56 JCW and couldn't be happier!
Thanks buz
& the S4 ain't going now where :eek: :D
Glad to hear your liking your F56 JCW

The R56 was legendary ... And you never know until it's gone :)

I like how both your R56s look

Welcome ...

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Thanks teeninvader
& thanks :)
Sounds like it's going to be a great MINI HB, I bet you will do something to it not before to long ;)
& your probably right Davy ;):D
A few things for the MINI have been arriving in the post these last couple of days

Set of Philips WhiteVision Halogen Headlamp Bulb's & matching sidelights bulbs to replace the no doubt rubbish OEM bulbs

Brand net of four Genuine MINI velour/carpet interior mats & fitting kit

2 X PSX24W High Power XPE Cree LED Super White Bulbs (Daytime Running Lights Xenon White 6000K) to replace the OEM yellow halogen jobs

& I haven't even got it yet! :D:D:D
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Had an email from the Lease company this morning. Looks like delivery has been pushed back around 2 weeks

'Just a quick update to advise you that your vehicle is due to be at the dealer and available for delivery around week 38, which is week commencing 19th September. Please note this may be subject to change and may come forward or go back, we will keep you updated on a regular basis.'

Still, when we ordered we weren't expecting it to be delivered until the 1st week in October
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Hi, just joined as I'm expecting my Mini soon too.
I'll be a first time Mini user... User because I'll also be leasing rather than buying.

I've ordered bog standard F55 Cooper SD in Pepper White, with no options apart from a contrasting black roof and mirrors.

Will also have to consider the LED upgrades
Feel better now I'm not the only leaser lol
What's the price on these bulbs? Are they a straight swap i.e. easy for regular people to perform?
Where did you get them?
I'm assuming you mean the LED DRL's
I got them from here -
10 days to deliver from payment
Easy enough to change. You won't have a problem
The car sounds great:)

Can you let me know the date you ordered the car? I ordered a Cooper S on the 15th August and was told it would be 6 weeks, approximately the end of September.

It would be interesting to see how long it will take before it arrives in the dealers, my last Mini took over three months.

We ordered ours in the 1st week in August
Is yours an F56 or a F55? This may have a effect on the delivery times me thinks
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Getting closer BH :)
Hoping to here from the Lease company next week with some dates for delivery Davy :)
Just had a call from the Lease company

Confirmed delivery of our MINI to our home address this Wednesday the 21st September :)
You have a PM :)
The MINI arrived on the morning of Wednesday 21st September. I was told the car would be a driven delivery and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a trailored delivery to our home address with 7 miles on the clock & 1/2 a tank of fuel

The car had been Dealer prepped & TBH I have only found the odd light mark on the black roof which will easily polish out when the car gets detailed by me

SWMBO is very happy indeedy!

To the pic's -

We went out for an 'A' & 'B' road blast today & this thing feels rapid !
The engine is nice and loose but the gearbox is still a bit tight at the mo

The wife and I have both commented that this MINI feels world's apart from our old R56 MINI John Cooper Works

More updates as & when
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Changed the OEM yellow DRL's to white LED one's

Yellow OEM on the left (as you look at the picture)
White LED on the right -

Both with white LED's -

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Looks good! I'll be looking out for you around Ingleby! Be sure to wave!
I'm still on the look out for you my friend but haven't seen you or your BRG JCW yet
& yes I will wave lol
Tempted to get an order in now before mine is delivered by Thursday. Might have to go for a UK seller.

Any warning lights on dash yet?
Did you consider any others or recommend what I should look out for when purchasing the fog lights (you say they're DRLs?)?

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No dash warnings with these fitted

These are DRL's not fogs
There is 3 bulbs in the lower housing
I sidelight, 1 DRL & 1 fog light bulb
Page 90 in here -

The only UK supplier (that I can find) of the same bulb is on Amazon Uk

I'm replacing the sidelight bulbs with the headlight bulbs but I'm not bothering with the fog light bulbs
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That white silver sure does look nice in the sun ;)

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I've replaced the candle like bulbs, that come as standard with the halogen headlights on the standard F55S, with these bad boys -

No before & after pic's but they make a MASSIVE difference
Some would say the difference is between night & day lol

As I had a 'spare' Audi warning triangle going, I bought some genuine MINI warning triangle brackets, part no. 51497375203, to fit into the recess in the boot lid

Before -

After -

The warning triangle is a nice tight fit & doesn't rattle around in the brackets
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Were they pricey I've been tempted to do this
The halogen bulbs or the warning triangle brackets ?

The bulbs were £13.88 delivered from Amazon Uk
& the warning triangle brackets were £5.23 delivered from Cotswold MINI

Hope that helps :)
I've had the same DRLs delivered and tried to replace them today.
Firstly, I knew the F55 had a ridiculous turning circle but you realise how bad it is when you're turning wheel to the max to access front wheel arch.

After a bit of fiddling around I managed to get the old FRL bulb out.

I connected the LED DRL and also replaced the black plastic ring. Upon trying to plug the whole unit back into place there doesn't appear to be any reassuring click or anything at all to hold it in place. I twisted and turned but no success, still loose.

I placed the halogen bulb back in for now and that went back in to the housing easily and fixed in place.

What am I doing wrong?

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Like you say there is no reassuring click Its just a matter of gently wiggling the LED DRL back into place
My thoughts after the first month & 525 miles

The engine! What a peach! The torque is fab. Considering our last MINI was a new R56 JCW, this one does feel quicker thro' the gears & it ain't fully run in yet. Feels more than 192hp to me
Economy is better than I expected it was going to be in the first 500 miles from a 2 litre petrol turbo. Averaging around 35mpg using Shell V-power
Handling gets better with more speed (see 'ride' below)
I/we don't notice the extra length of the F55 when driving
Love the 5 door looks. The F55 is more in proportion than the 3 door with the longer bonnet
Colour combo. Never liked the white silver on the R56's but looks so much better on the F56/F55 etc IMHO
Build quality. Like a different manufacturer compared with the R56

No key slot. Still can't get used to thatNo CD player. Unusual omission but I've never used the CD player in my AudiIt feels more like a BMW than a MINI now. Is that a bad thing? I'll let you decide
The ride. I was expecting it to be a bit more compliant with the 16" wheels on, but its still on the stiff side. How you folks get on with the bigger wheels is beyond me. But that could be as I'm getting on a bit.
Exterior piano (gloss) black plastics. The F55's must be killing the world supply of this stuff as its covered in it. Front brake ducts, front number plate / grill section, A pillars, lower front window 1/4, thin section on B pillars, rear window 1/4, C pillars, rear spoiler supports, boot handle, rear foglight grill surround.This stuff looks great when its new but is a real PITA to keep that way as it marks VERY easily

Standard spec. is appalling for a £22k car IMHO
Xenon headlights should be standard spec. £800+ for the upgrade LED headlights is a joke
No interior mats as standard! Even the wife's old £7.5k Ford Ka had interior mats as standard
What on earth is going on with the boot shape? Ridiculous, unless you spend another £120
Rear door child locks are to easy to knock off (we carry our young Grandkids in the back of the MINI)
Another ridiculous petrol gauge & no coolant gauge AGAIN!

I see plenty of F55 MCS, but they all seem to be the diesel variety. I'm yet to see another petrol version, so far

Pic of the 'flake pop'. Not an easy task with the white silver lol

A gratuitous reflection shot -

New car detail completed by me on the MINI
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But it just sits in there very loosely otherwise and I reckon the slightest bump will knock it out again

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I just eased mine in with a bit of gentle pressure. I've had no probs so far (fingers crossed)
BH, nice thoughts. I am so old I remember when cars came with ash trays and the dealer gave you floor mats for free too close the you have to pay for them......:eek::D
Looks like we could be similar ages then lol
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Pleased your getting there @loofer
Looks great
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