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Bits to convert grille on pre LCI MINI Electric (for sale)

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I have all the bits for sale to convert the grille to the non electric version. Consists of the grille (which is already blanked off) the centre bar, and the two infill pieces below the grille.

Will post pics later

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I'm always in favour of people customizing their mini :)
OK here are pics. I will deliver all the bits for £120. Grill is already blanked off with black plastic.
Grille Hood Black Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Vehicle registration plate Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Grille Hood
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Here is how it looked before I put my personal plate on it...
Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive side-view mirror Hood
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It should also be noted that the center bar and two infill pieces are for a Mini without parking sensors. If you have parking sensors, you need a different center bar and infill pieces.

BTW, I've done the same conversion on my 2021 SE and love it.
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