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Anyone know where I can get a black grille surround to replace the chrome one on the F56? It's not really a big part but Mini dealers have said like the chrome one and lump it basically.

I'd even stretch to a carbon one.

There must be someone doing these?

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Yeah wrap seems a good option for these parts in my opinion! I'm getting my roof done by a specialist this week and going to ask for quotes on my front and rear light surrounds. I'll ask about the grill surround too and share the estimate with you.

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From what I understand, wrapping is great but is only a fairly short term solution. I think wrapping lasts maximum of 5 years but it still preserves the paint underneath. Painting it will be a more longer term solution and might even be cheaper than wrapping. Carbon Fibre is the bees knees to it all and will cost a small fortune but looks great, just don't have an accident or insurance might not cover the carbon fibre grill unless prior stated.

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I sent them an email and they sent back with a price list for F56 parts. I think they use original mini parts then wrap it, its not true carbon fibre though

No Description Price (inc. parts)
F55, f56 Console plate cover (pair) $260.00

F55, F56 Cover Door Speakers ( pair ) $299.00

F55, F56 Door handles/pair (comfort access) $570.00

F55, F56 Headlamp trims $420.00

F55, F56 tail light trims/ pair $375.00

Front grilles $635.00

8 Cover door openers ( pair ) $163.00

Exterior Column A ( pair) $400.00

11 Exterior Column C (pair) $440.00

12 All mini models R50 - R56
Cooper S/ Cooper logo $150.00

13 Interior A Column $450.00
Interior A Column - HIFI HARMAN $735.00

Interior B Column $410.00

15 Interior C column $450.00

16 Handbrake $118.00

17 Spray Nozzles - 2 pcs $187.00

18 Rear Wiper Arm $165.00

Trunk lid handle cover $325.00

Downtube covers ( pair ) $289.00

21 Central Operation unit cover $83.00

22 HUD cover $225.00

23 Dash trims ( 2 pcs ) $465.00

24 Defroster vents / pair $85.00

25 Media panel $105.00

26 Engine cover $535.00

27 Center Air Con / apir $280.00

28 Side Air Con / pair $280.00

29 Air Intake $475.00

Blind Ring LED Cover $185.00

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Yeah, I got the email from them last night too. All I can say is ummm.... Not no, but [email protected] No! As much as I'd love one of those intake ducts, there's no way I'd pay those prices. These parts are for people with a lot more disposable income than me.

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Sorry to hijack this thread. Anyone know of a company making aftermarket grilles?
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