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BlackVue Camera System Issue?

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Installed a Blackvue camera system into my new Cooper D and it appears when powered it has the undesirable effect of reducing the reception quality of the DAB.

There is a camera at the front and the back of the car, and it is powered by the 12V socket on the interior top right of the boot. The power is supplied to the camera to the front. So there is one wire from the 12V socket to the front camera, and one wire linking the front camera and the rear camera.

The wiring is ran along top offside headlining (around the right side of the car as you look through the back) and down to the 12V.

I'm wondering if the wiring is (coincidentally) being ran along the same side of the car as other electrics?

Does anyone know if any wiring down the right hand side/offiside of the car?

The vehicle has Media XL, Drive Assist Pack, and Heated Front Screen.

Has aynone else installed these sorts of cameras or has DAB reception issues linked to the use of the 12V rear power socket?


P.S - loving my new mini!
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We have no problem with a front mounted BlackVue, and Media XL. Have you tried disconnecting the rear camera to see if the problem persists ?
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