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Can anyone share if they have experienced similar issues. I haven't contacted the dealer yet as they are 50 miles away and don't want to seem too pedantic.

I collected my new Mini Cooper two weeks ago on 19th, the car has the chili pack and paid extra for the visual display and some other extras. Volcanic Orange with black front stripes, black roof and blacked out rear windows, black alloys. Love the car and how it drives.

However I seem to be experiencing issues with the Bluetooth connection and DAB radio.

Bluetooth issues..
My iPhone 6 is sysc'd and connected to use music and telephone function. On 3 to 1 occasion it will auto connect to my phone and pick up the telephone and my Spotify playlist. On those 1 to 3 times I will start the car and it will state 'connecting' or something similar. I will drive a full 20 min journey and still no connection has been made. If I turn the car on and off sometimes it will reconnect and sometimes the car refuses. It is so frustrating when you can't listen to your music or ring anyone. I have tried removing the Mini Bluetooth saved devices from my Bluetooth connections on my phone but when the phone searches for a new Bluetooth connection there is no Bluetooth activated coming from the Mini (this is when the car Bluetooth refuses to work). The Mini connections will also state something about activating Bluetooth but I thought this was activated all the time? Is there anywhere in the car which switches off Bluetooth? To reconnect my phone - this will only work on a new journey when the car has been switched off for a while. Has anyone else experienced similar issues. I thought it can't be so unreliable. My last car was a Mini but the old model. I had Bluetooth for telephone and was so reliable, never any issues.

DAB radio issues...when my Bluetooth fails to work I switch to radio. However there appears to be static in the radio. The audio-sound appears to jump or cut out with tiny crackle sounds, this happens every 30 or 60 seconds. I have tried switching radio channels and every channel is the same. I also had DAB on the last Mini and never experienced and sound quality issues. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Many thanks
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