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Between its namesake and MINI sub-brand, BMW will release a total of 11 front-wheel drive based models on its UKL1 platform.

Most of those will fall under the MINI brand, BMW board member Ian Robertson told AutoExpress. The first model to ride on that platform debuted last month during the L.A. Auto Show under the new MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S models. A year ago, Robertson said the platform would underpin as many as 20 models.

The UKL1 product to wear a propellor badge will be the Active Tourer small crossover first previewed in concept form more than a year ago during the Paris Motor Show. The production model is expected sometime next year with a three-cylinder engine; another first for the company. BMW is also said to be planning a supermini meant to compete with the Audi A1 as well as a small SUV to sit below the Audi A1.

MINI is expected to release eight models based on the architecture including something to compete with the Mazda MX-5, as well as replacements for the current MINI product line.

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makes sense for them to keep it under the mini brand

the hardcore bmw guys dont have to cry every night. we get more cars
works out well
Yup. I was worried they would put it all under BMW.
Being under Mini is much more acceptable.

But it would be nice seeing some cheaper cars from BMW like what Mercedes is doing with cars like the B-series.
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