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Bonjour de Paris!

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Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and have a query about the mini cooper I ordered at the start of May. My dealer promised delivery for the end of July. My concern is that they are due to start producing minis in the Netherlands in the summer. I am keen that my mini should come from Oxford rather than Born. My dealer has been very coy about the whole process and claims that they have no way of knowing the origin of the cars they deliver. I find this hard to believe. Does anyone have any more information about when exactly production is due to start at Nedcar and if there is any way of identifying which cars come from which factory? Thanks.
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Thank you. I have been enjoying reading the various threads while trying to resist the temptation to tweak my order based on the various comments.
Thank you MintMark, that is a very interesting article. One thing that puzzles me though is, if the 11th digit is T for all minis, how can you distinguish between a hatchback made in Oxford and a countryman made in Graz?
I suspect your dealership really doesn't know.

I don't think the Dutch factory is ready to roll yet. If a Google search returns nothing (and I would expect it to as opening a car plant as a major addition to any economy) then it is most likely it will come from Oxford. I'm assuming that it's not quality that worries you but just wanting it to come from the old Oxford factory.
No , you are right. I am sure BMW will ensure uniform quality standards across both plants. I want an Oxford mini for purely sentimental reasons.

Per the attached link, the Born factory seems ready to roll. As I understand it, the arrangement with VDL Nedcar will be similar to the that for the countryman with Magna Steyr. The factory was already in place it was simply a matter of retooling.

Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed that production won't start until after my car has been delivered.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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