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Bonjour from Montreal

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Bonjour from Montreal!

Hi! I'm a proud owner of a Midnight Black with 17" black wheels, 3cyl auto, satellite lounge interior with LED headlights. Fun to drive and much more easy to live with than my former MX5.

Not many F56 around Montreal, I was the only one at the first Club Mini Quebec ride.

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It's been tough to figure out what features are included in the Canadian model compared to European models.

Any idea if the RGB ambient lighting is standard in the Canadian model?

Edit: Salut!
The Mini excitement package is standard on the Canadian model. And the left-hand side steering wheel is also standard?
Hello and welcome!

We have another regular member on here - patch who is also in Montréal. I was there last year and don't remember that many MINIs so I can imagine F56 club is fairly exclusive at the moment!
Not only F56 club but all model from classic vintage to f56.

Congrats on your new F56! Glad you're enjoying it so much :D be sure to put some pics up of her
Hello Gilles !

Great to see I'm not alone from Montréal on this forum :) I live in NDG, around where do you live?
South shore of Montreal (Chateauguay).
Are you a member of Club Mini Quebec?
Member since a couple months but never been to a get together
I'm planning a ride to Lake Placid/ Whiteface Mt sometimes this spring, hope to see you!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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