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My wife had wanted a mini for some time, so at the begining of the year I got her a 2012 S 6sp car. The car had 42k and loaded to the hill. She loved the car but had to put had to replace the clutch and the thermostat housing and the fuel pump when she was coming home from ATL! That was kinda the last thing that made me worry about the dependability. Not a bad car just the engine was so barn noise as in rattles! It never broke down but the engine worrried me. So my wife drove the new f56 and well she fell in love with it. Traded in her old s for this one. One of course the tire pressure monitor had an error on the way home, took it to the dealer and well the had to replace alk the tire pressure sensors. Few days later engine light came on and once again at dealer for 5 days this time. The dealer had to get with BMW to figure it out. Ended up having to replace the radiator cause of a sensor. Had car for under a month and was in the shop for 10 days of it. Was not to impressed but the dealership was AMAZING. Well enough about the issus thewife loves this car even if it is a auto.

Thunder gray
JCW exterior
JCW interior
Paddle shifter

Doing rest of these in am

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