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Bought them Cosmos

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Wow talking about some wheeling and dealing today. Just picked up the Cosmos from Craigslist. Got the set for $ 250.00 cash. Sold the old 17" tires that have been on the Cosmo wheels for $ 100.00 and my old 16" for a $ 100.00 so the set of Cosmos final price was $ 50.00 including sensors. Wow!!!!!! Now they will be send off to the powder coating place to get high gloss put on.:)

So if somebody is interested in a pair of very nice Mini Cooper 16" Black Cross Spoke 495 Wheels with brand new Yokohama S drive tires send me a PM. I make you a great deal.
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Thank you Guys and Girls.:)
Correct on the Sensors. Found that one out afterwards oh well I can take them out of the 16" wheels or just get a set. It still was a bargain day.
Pics will follow when the wheels are done and installed.;)
Just got a call from the powder shop my wheels are done. Will pick them up Monday. Will post pics than and yes still got them 16" with new shoes. Now comes the big questions do I want to keep the 17" and buy new shoes again for $ 500.00 put them on the car or just sell them. :|:|
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