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Tbh the description of the issue is a bit vague, but generally sounds normal. The grip your tyres have is limited and when you're cornering and braking or accelerating at the same time, you share that grip between two actions at once.
Therefore yes, when braking hard at high speed in a corner, at some point you will hit your limit of available grip. Normally, without any electronic assistance, you're likely to experience understeer (at least in our case), but when the electronics kick in and try to apply different brake pressure on each wheel to keep car inside the corner, the car may become a bit unstable, you have to learn to understand that threshold when pushing the brakes in a corner. Normally you don't hit that limit when driving normally around the city, but since we're talking like 130+ kph, here we are.

Technically speaking, braking in a corner is not the most effective way of doing stuff. There's a reason real racing drivers brake hard before entering a corner - they are using the most grip for braking and turning separately. Yes, there's also a skill called trailbraking, but that's like the next step above what we are discussing ATM.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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