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Brazil Anyone?

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Do we have any proud owner from brazil?
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Brasileiro - Nova Petrópolis- RS!
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Whoa there!!
Does any of you owns the F56 1.5L with the Basis sound system!? Does the Bluetooth Handsfree works on your unit?

Brasileiro - Sao Paulo
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Opa, mais um. Recife - PE.

Enviado de meu SM-N910C usando Tapatalk
I was there last week...saw 62 Minis for sale online and 2 parked but not fortunate enough to see any on the streets.
Fala Galera!!! Mais um aqui de SP capital, estou na Zona Sul e participo do grupo de whatsApp do miniclubSP!!!

São Paulo - SP

Fala pessoal...alguém sabe como participar do grupo de whatsapp do mini club sp??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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