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Engine running, gears couldn't be selected. Engine off, clutch in, gears could be selected.

Hence why we put it in gear then started the engine.

Going to email my service manager this morning with my concern. Car was perfect again this morning though.

I am concerned about them being in changing bearings then the cone selector thing ('cos it started jumpin gout of first) ....too much of a co-incidence for me...I do wonder if water got in somewhere.

I went through deep standing water on Thursday and Friday too but that was early in the journey and travelled a further 15+ miles before stopping with no adverse effects. Yesterday was only 5 minutes before I reached my destination - I wonder if water dribbled in somewhere???

I know not to travel through water I think is too deep. But having driven DIESEL Peugeots for 15 years prior to MINI, it made me think it might be a petrol and/or MINI 'thing'??
I hope you get to the bottom of this, not a good sign surely!?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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